Aaditya M Nair

Hi, I am Aaditya M Nair. I currently live in London, UK.
I am currently working for Facebook (or Meta) as a Production Engineer in the Host Management team. My work is all about managing the company's millions of servers at scale. This involves overseeing the configuration, health, and security of all of these servers as well as building features for the ever growing needs of the service owners.
I used to work with Tower Research Capital as a Software Engineer. There, I worked with the recently formed Information Security team. Me and my team are responsible for making and enforcing all policies related to security and compliance. We also collaborate with other teams improve observability into the tools they manage, identify and remediate any security bugs we find while also promoting security by design on new projects. This was my first actual job post college :-).
In College though, I was pursuing a Bachelors + Masters dual degree program in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad. For my Master's Thesis (for which I am required to publish a few papers), I worked with Dr Lalitha Vadlamani on Erasure Codes. More specifically, I worked on Codes with Hierarchical Locality. While in College, I was also part of the sysadmin team which managed various services (including EMail, proxy, Identity) for about 3000 students and professors at any given time. It was probably this job that sparked my interest in all things systems and networks.
I started this website to have kind of an online presence (and because all the cool kids are doing it). This website is supposed to be the landing site for anyone who wants to find out more about me. That is pretty much why I wrote this page. I also started a blog where I will (try to) document everything I am currently studying. There is a lot to be said about jotting everything down. It requires you to have a clear mental picture yourself which is very important with CS concepts in general. It also acts as documentation for when you want to refer to it in future. With that said, the posts can just be small snippets of interesting code I found or it can also be an essay on some topic I found interesting.
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